Give Back — Giving Tuesday


Now that the Thanksgiving feast is digested and the bruises from Black Friday are starting to heal with the help of ice packs ordered on Cyber Monday, we can all exhale in relief and join together for a good cause–#GivingTuesday! The idea of  #GivingTuesday is simple: find a way to be generous and give something more. Whether it’s donating time or money to a local charity, or giving back to our community, we believe in the positive power of generosity.

That’s why we’re making an extra effort today to pay it forward. Not only are we offering you a $15 discount when you book a local cleaning service, but we’re also donating $15 from each booking to a San Francisco organization who gives developmentally disabled adults services and job training.

Giving back to the community is just in our nature. We’re all about connecting people to local services and helping established mom and pop businesses thrive in today’s online world. So participate in #GivingTuesday by booking a neighborhood cleaning service through us. Don’t forget to get $15 off when you use promo code givingtuesday when booking a new service, today only.

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