7 worry-free gifts for the holidays

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You can’t go wrong with these gifts for the home, whether for friend or family, or simply to have stashed as an emergency gift (you know, when you’re surprised by someone showing up at your doorstep with a big smile and an armful of holiday gifts).



A selection of fair trade certified loose teascurate your own combination! Your giftee will appreciate the aromatic and soothing gift throughout the winter.





Dried flower arrangement – While fresh flowers are beautiful, they’re short-lived. Give the longer lasting gift of a beautiful dried flower arrangement.





Post-it notes – These are useful for jotting down reminders, and we love the fun flavors they come in. Stay organized but with flair!






Sparkling water maker – Who doesn’t love the excitement of bubbles in your water? This penguin-looking version is a hit with both kids and adults.







Crafty mail organizer – A lot of paper floods in through the mail and onto the kitchen counters. Help your friends stay organized with one of these beauties.





Wine opener – We asked the experts around the office and the votes were unanimous for this beauty that gets the job done right, for a fraction of what those uselessly fancy openers go for.





Cleanify gift card – Saving the best for last, what could possibly beat an extra few hours of free time while you get your house cleaned by the best local cleaners in your community?

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