Need gift ideas? Cleanify gift cards to the rescue!

Perfect wood planks background

It’s the time of year when people are in a mad frenzy to find the perfect gift, but luckily we’re here to help knock some names off your holiday list. Some suggestions:

  • Cleanify gift cards for friendsnow 10% off when you buy one for $50 or more. Treat your friends and family to a cleaning service anywhere across the U.S. and Canada when you pick up a few gift cards. They make great stocking-stuffers.
  • Cleanify gift cards for YOU – put Cleanify gift cards on your not-so-secret wish list. Tweet it out, share it on Facebook, tell the world that you like to keep it clean, and that you’d appreciate some Cleanify gift cards!
  • Cleanify gift cards for the whole office Tell your HR team that you’d prefer Cleanify gift cards for everyone instead of those tired old Starbucks cards. How much coffee can you drink, anyway? And who’s going to clean up the coffee stains when everyone leaps for joy with brimming cups of latte, excited about receiving Cleanify gift cards?

We’re here to make it even easier to enjoy a few hours of free time. Now you don’t have to brave the chaos at the mall to track down a gift of dubious value. Give a truly rewarding gift of clean and make someone’s holiday season a lot brighter and cleaner!

Happy holidays from the Cleanify team!

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