An inside peek at Ottawa’s Simply Sparkling Cleaning

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Carolyn and Mike Desjardins of Simply Sparkling Cleaning

In 2003, Carolyn Desjardins was working in the daycare industry when she realized she needed to tackle a bigger challenge. Taking a bold step, she switched careers and started her own cleaning company, beginning with just two clients. Word of mouth spread quickly and soon she found her business growing beyond her expectations. Her husband, Mike, made his own career shift in 2006 to help her run the business, leaving his job of eighteen years at a car dealership. The Desjardins now operate a successful cleaning business in Ottawa, employing over forty people and handling everything from house cleaning, office cleaning, carpet and window cleaning, and stripping and waxing floors.

This family-owned business also employs their son, an expert window cleaning technician, and their daughter is studying business in college so that she can take over the reins and run the company whenever her parents decide to retire. Because Carolyn followed her passion (her husband describes her as a “clean freak”), she was able to build a business that her whole family can participate in. That’s definitely a lot more valuable than just bringing home a paycheck!

But running a small business is not easy. “Those first few years are tough. Most banks don’t help you start a business and you have to borrow money just to get it off the ground,” said Mike. But he advises anyone starting their own gig to be patient. “Stay strong. And be positive!”

On the cleaning side, we asked Mike what’s his favorite tool to use, and he was quick to answer. “There’s this water-fed pole that a Toronto company makes out of fiberglass that extends forty feet. It’s a great tool for window cleaning, very cost effective. We no longer need to rent man-lifts, and it can be operated by one man on the ground, which is very safe— no need to scramble up ladders.”

We asked Mike about challenges he’s facing now, and he said the biggest issue is an increase in people hiring individual cleaners and not cleaning companies. Mike cautions that although an individual person might be cheaper in the short-term, people are putting themselves at risk by relying on one person. “We will never miss a cleaning, but if you hire an individual, that person could get sick and stand you up. We’re also bonded and insured, which provides a less risky experience for customers.”

Another benefit of hiring a cleaning company is the guaranteed quality control you receive. Supervisors are constantly out in the field making sure you get the best quality clean for your home.

If you’re in the Ottawa area, be sure to book your next cleaning service with Simply Sparkling Cleaning. You’ll be supporting a family-run cleaning business that takes care of its employees and makes sure your home is in tip-top shape.


Meet the Simply Sparkling Cleaning team!



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  1. I am very glad to read this whole story that how you got success in cleaning business. I also want to start my cleaning company but I have fear that if I get loss!!! Your post have provided me courage that I can get sucess. Thanks for sharing this very informative story.

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