5 Tips to a Successful Cleaning


It can be challenging to communicate your requirements when booking a cleaning service, especially for the first service with a new company or individual. As Kevin Drum reported in Mother Jones, booking a cleaning can sometimes go terribly wrong.

These five tips will lead to success when professionals clean your home.

  1. Take responsibility of managing your cleaning time and requirements. Be up-front about the size and cleanliness of your space as you select the required labor hours. Online bookings make the service transaction easy, but they are impossible to estimate labor hours and cost perfectly every time. Provide detailed requirements in booking notes ahead of the booking – a link to photos and video of your requirements is helpful. When the cleaning service arrives to your space, walk through your requirements and ensure the estimated cost matches with your requirements before the cleaning begins. You may need to make a choice between prioritizing requirements vs. getting your whole space cleaned.
  2. Simplify their arrival & entry. Provide information on where to park and clear entry instructions. Offer suggestions for free parking spots, or the lowest-cost space within a block of your place. If pay parking is required, you should offer to cover their parking charges as parking fees can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.
  3. Make them feel welcome and safe. Cleaners are people who are caring for your home, so treat them kindly. Use their name when speaking with them, consider their safety and ask about any pet allergies, and use (or learn) some of their preferred language if different from your own. If the cleaners you have hired feel comfortable in your home, they’re more likely to do their best and communicate to ensure the job is done to your satisfaction.
  4. Rate and review – Providing feedback online related to your booking helps the community of customers and cleaning services provide great cleaning and customer service.
  5. Tip and book a recurring service with them if you are happy with their work. You provide essential income for the cleaning services you hire, especially when you book an independent or small business. Tips can be provided electronically through web applications like Cleanify.

Have other ideas on how best to set up your cleaning service for success at your place? Please send us your ideas! Leave a comment below or email [email protected] to share your thoughts.

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