Crystal Dove Cleaning gives free house cleaning to cancer patients


At Cleanify, we believe it is necessary to support local businesses, whether cleaning company or coffee shop. These are neighbors that you help to keep in business when you use their services, people who care about your community and make it stronger. We love to spotlight cleaning services that demonstrate giving back to the community, and reached out to one cleaning entrepreneur who inspires us with her dedication and donations.

Pam Beach has always been a giver. Once, while visiting a family member in a distant town, she noticed a woman walking around in circles in the rain, trying to keep warm, so she stripped off her boots and jacket and handed them over. And when her two sons were young, she’d encourage them to pick out toys, jackets, and clothes from their closets to donate to homeless children. One year, as they were on their way to drop off the donation, she spotted a family panhandling on the side of the road and did a U-turn to open her trunk and invite the family to take what they needed. Her kindergarten-aged son asked, “Mom, how come we do this? Why do you give things to someone you don’t know?” and Beach, not knowing how relevant her words were at the time, said, “What if that was us out there? What if someday we end up like that?” Several years later after some unfortunate events, her family did end up losing their home.

Pam Beach

After finding herself homeless, Beach dusted herself off and doubled down on work, starting a cleaning business with “literally just a bucket of cleaning supplies and a bag of rags.” She had to start from scratch and build her business from nothing. She likes to share her story to encourage other people who are down on their luck, who aren’t sure how to pick themselves up. “If I can do it, so can you. Yes, it was hard, but you keep on pushing yourself and you don’t give up. Let my story inspire you to keep going. Life is not easy. You can get past it, and when you do get past it, you turn around and give someone else a helping hand.”

Beach started Crystal Dove Cleaning in 2000 and, as yet another act of kindness, began offering free house cleaning to patients undergoing cancer treatment a few years ago. She was inspired to offer this gift when one of her longtime clients was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Beach continued to visit her client’s home and watched her “getting worse and worse.” She told the client’s husband that it didn’t feel right to take money for her cleanings anymore, so she started cleaning their house for free.

Beach then decided that she had “to do something for people that are that sick. With everything you’re going through [with cancer treatments], the last thing you want to do is clean your house.” Based in Morro Bay, CA, Crystal Dove Cleaning gives cancer patients a monthly deep cleaning service for three consecutive months with hospital-grade germicides.

While she happily accepts donations for this good cause, Beach pays most of the costs herself, which net out to about $1,000 per month. Her cleaners each donate an hour of their time to the cause, getting paid three hours for four hours of work. In addition to free cleaning for cancer patients, Beach donates $5 out of every $99 cleaning special to the local homeless shelter and food bank, knowing firsthand how necessary those services are. She also gathers blankets, socks, flashlights, jackets, and gloves, “the kind of things that people wouldn’t think a homeless person needs but that are important to people who are living on the street,” and passes them directly to people living outside.


She feels a real pride in her community, saying, “This is my county, this is where I grew up, I’ve been here since I was three. The other part of my cleaning business is for-profit, and I feel it’s important that we give back to our community in some way. If you’re a local small business, you want your business to be known for ‘We, Us, Our’ not ‘Me, My, I’.” And Beach is passionate about giving back. “You’d be surprised what even the smallest thing does for someone who is in need. It makes it all worth it when you see how much it means, how it made such a difference in someone’s life. Reaching out to a homeless person to give them socks and a sleeping bag and seeing how much that means to them is reward enough. If everybody reached out and did a little something, it would make a difference. How do you change the world? One person at a time. How do you make a difference? One small thing at a time.”

This is another great example of how local businesses give back to their communities, reaching deep into their own pockets to do good deeds. Want to help? You can donate to this great cause here.

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