Teleportation, hoarders, and an inside look at Multi-services Vancouver


Multi-services Vancouver’s team hails from across North, Central, and South America

Not all of us have superpowers, but if she did, Sonia Zebadua would like the ability to teleport so that she could instantly be transported anywhere on the globe. One of the main reasons she started her company, Multi-services Vancouver, was because she wanted to have a job where she was her own boss and where she could travel back frequently to see family in Chiapas, Mexico. “With teleportation, I could be in Mexico for dinner and then pop back again!”

After four years working in the restaurant industry, she decided to start her own Vancouver-based cleaning company in 2012. Eighteen months later, her friend Michelle joined the partnership and they’ve grown the business (with help from Cleanify) to manage fourteen cleaners and hundreds of clients. One of their strategies has been to offer more than just cleaning services–they also offer floor maintenance, moving services, and handyman repairs.

That holistic approach served them well on one particular job. “We were asked to do a move out and deep clean for a 4,000 square foot home plus basement and garage… of a hoarder’s house. The building was completely full of junk. We had originally estimated it to be a five hour job with two people, but it ended up taking us a week and a half with eight people, including movers and junk removal people… We got tipped very well!”

Cleanify has been a key part of their success, helping Multi-services set up their website and attract new customers. “We love working with Cleanify– they’re great people!” Sonia said.

MultiServicesVancouver (11)
Don’t “mess” with Multi-services co-owners Sonia and Michelle

Sonia enjoys the challenge managing people, creating happy customers, and getting things done right. One of her requirements for her cleaning staff is that they never leave a customer unhappy. They must specifically ask clients if they are satisfied with the clean, and if not, they do whatever it takes to make the client happy. Sometimes this is a challenge. “In Canada people are very, very polite, which is great, but you can’t sense when they’re unhappy. You’ve got to ask them directly if they are satisfied.”

If you’d like to get a fantastic clean from a great local cleaner in Vancouver, be sure to check out Multi-services Vancouver. Sonia will make sure you’re happy with the service!

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