Reading Cleaning Company Helps #EraseTheHate

Oliver Becker hearts the graffiti removal.

We love hearing about cleaning companies who give back to their community, and we’ve found another service, Infinity Cleaning in Berks County, Pennsylvania, who stepped up to help their neighbors recently. When a traffic sign got tagged with a swastika symbol, residents of the town of Birdsboro complained via Facebook. After a few weeks the local authorities, who are strapped for resources, still hadn’t gotten around to removing the graffiti. That’s when Infinity Cleaning co-founder Vanessa Cornish stepped in. She and her partner, Oliver Becker, headed to the intersection where the tagged sign stood and used their pressure washing tool to remove the graffiti. “Nothing was being done, so we decided to go out and show the community that we could help #EraseTheHate,” Cornish said when we spoke with her recently.

There was another burst of graffiti at the local high school that Infinity Cleaning offered to help clean up, but someone else had been inspired by their example and was already cleaning it away. It’s amazing how powerful one action can be, to have a domino-effect and encourage others to help out.

Infinity Cleaning owners Oliver Becker and Vanessa Cornish

Cornish and Becker started their cleaning company in 2013 and have been steadily building their business ever since. They were attracted to the idea of launching a cleaning service due to low overhead costs and the ease of getting started. Mainly focusing on carpet cleaning and window washing, they are sensitive to customers’ requests for green cleaning products. “A lot of people ask for natural, homemade solutions.”

For now, it’s just the two of them running the business, but they hire a few people in the summer when demand spikes for window washing. In the winter, they’re busy with carpet cleaning. Cornish admits to being surprised by the demand, “I guess it’s everyone tracking mud through the house in the winter.”

If you’re in the Reading, Pennsylvania area, you can hire them to handle your cleaning needs here.



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