“Very good” $2 tip, matchmaking, and family-run Companion Maids in Chicago


We’re pleased to highlight another great family business today–the Chicago father and son business, Companion Maids. Run by Tom Spann and his son, Donald, this cleaning business employs twelve cleaners throughout Chicago. Tom runs the day-to-day operations and Donald focuses on the technical side, building and maintaining their website. As Tom says, “We know what clean means!”

The duo started their business in 2012 after brainstorming ideas for projects to devote their time to. They wanted to focus on providing a service that would always be needed and that people wouldn’t want to do themselves. Cleaning will always be a necessity, and let’s face it, nobody wants to clean their own place. Once the idea was settled on, they got to work.

Even though they’re still in those tough first few years of running a business, they’re able to pay all their bills on time, meet payroll obligations, and the two men recently bought themselves cars with the profits.

Tom likens his job to a matchmaking service, matching up clients with the best cleaner possible for them. With clients all over the Chicago area, that means taking into account neighborhood demographics and preferences to make sure that clients feel safe and satisfied with their cleaners.

Running a business is hard work, but very rewarding. Tom feels responsible for the people on his payroll and is gratified for being able to employ a solid and dependable staff. “It started as an idea and then it blossomed into reality. Now when I go to work, I feel good that I’m building on top of something that I created!”

While Tom is too busy running the operations of the business to actually help out on the cleaning side, he takes pride in keeping his own home spotless. Some of his favorite cleaning tools to use are Lysol products, sponges, and mops.

Keeping a business running smoothly can sometimes be a bit stressful, but Tom finds ways to laugh. “Recently, we had a wealthy client in the Loop tell a cleaner that she really believed in tipping. Well, some people’s idea of a good tip is a bit different than others. Our cleaner left with a $2 tip and a story to tell.”

To get a solid professional cleaning service in the Chicago area, be sure to check out Companion Maids. They provide excellent cleaning and you’ll be supporting a family-owned business in your community.

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