Meet Melissa Maker, host of successful YouTube channel “Clean My Space”



Here at Cleanify HQ we care about all things cleaning, which is why we reached out to Melissa Maker, who runs the highly successful YouTube cleaning channel, Clean My Space… and who admittedly hates cleaning. “My story is unique,” Melissa said when she spoke to us recently. “A lot of people get into cleaning because they love it. I got into it for the opposite reason. I actually have a strong dislike for cleaning.”

When Melissa graduated from business school in 2005, she took a job working as a commercial lender at a bank but found it wasn’t a good fit. “I realized after a couple of weeks that working in an office wasn’t for me,” Melissa said. She stuck it out for a year before resigning her position and going back to waiting tables, which is how she’d paid her way through school. “I kept my eyes and ears open for opportunities. Cleaning is frustrating, time consuming, unenjoyable. And everyone I spoke to, friends, family members, all said how hard it was to find good cleaning help. I just kept hearing this strong need for a good cleaning service.” Melissa decided to open her own cleaning company in 2006 after hearing how important it was to have a reliable and trustworthy service, and started out by doing all the cleaning herself.

“I had to roll up my sleeves and learn everything about cleaning,” Melissa admitted, since she had previously avoided the unpleasant chore as much as possible. After refining and systematizing her process, she brought more people on board to help with the cleaning, and ten years later her business is thriving.

Chad Reynolds and Melissa Maker, courtesy Instagram

In 2011, Melissa and her husband, Chad Reynolds, branched out and began making cleaning videos for YouTube as a way to market their cleaning business and attract more clients. They were surprised to find that people all over the world were asking them questions about cleaning, attracting attention far outside the Toronto area they service for in-person cleaning services. With the success of their videos, they’ve formed a second company to focus on digital content separate from their cleaning company. Tuesdays are the video shoot days, and a team of six production people descend upon Melissa and Chad’s home to shoot footage of cleaning tips.

As an entrepreneur, Melissa enjoys the unique challenges every day brings. “I look at our business like one of those old telephone switchboards– you have to be constantly flipping and toggling switches to make connections, trying new marketing techniques, creating new content. There are all these cool things that you can do. I love that I get to run both a service business and a digital business.”

Image courtesy Clean My Space on YouTube

With five years of video production under their belts, there seems to be no end in sight to the topics Clean My Space covers. “I’m amazed that we’ve been able to come up with so much content, but the well has not dried up yet,” Melissa said. “There are always audience questions, new products on the market, and new cleaning techniques we discover.” Their most recent post was a DIY video about how to make your own “POO pourri”, which was something the team felt that their audience would really appreciate.

Melissa’s favorite cleaning tools?

  • The Skrapr – “I get an insane level of satisfaction because it can just scrape the beeswax out of anything without ruining the surface. Great if you have a really stubborn stain and you’ve scrubbed like crazy and nothing’s taking it off.”
  • Dyson handheld vacuum – “I use this around the house all the time for all kinds of spills. It has all kinds of attachments, so you can use on hardwood floors, upholstery, pet hairs, cars, etc. It gets a lot of use around here.”

Despite her house being the filming location for each week’s cleaning videos, Melissa said that there’s a misconception that her house is really clean. “It’s really just average, and if you came on a day when we’re not filming, you’d see stuff out of place. My husband and I run two businesses out of the house and work insane hours. We really understand the challenge of maintaining a clean house. We do our best.”

Check out Melissa’s cleaning tips on her channel Clean My Space – the cleanest place on YouTube!

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