7 ingredients to make your own green cleaning products

Baking soda, lemon, and vinegar… three of the ingredients you need

It doesn’t take much more than a trip to the grocery store for the main ingredients that you can use to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products. Start saving any spray bottles once you finish using their contents and you’re ready to mix and start cleaning!


1. Vinegar – You probably already have a bottle of this in your pantry. We recommend using white distilled vinegar to mix with water to create a biodegradable, nontoxic cleaner.




2. Baking Soda – Another item already lurking in your kitchen, baking soda can remove tough stains because of its abrasiveness. It works either on its own or mixed with a bit of water to become a thicker paste.




3. Lemon Juice – If life hands you lemons, make lemon juice and add it to your green cleaning products! Lemons’ acidity makes them a natural disinfectant and stain remover.



4. Salt – You can spare a few grains of salt from the shaker to make your own cleaning products, right? Salt can shine up copper, brass, and silver, or even remove soap scum when you add 1 part salt to 4 parts vinegar.




5. Spray bottle – You’ll want a container to mix up your all-purpose spray (recipe below!). We recommend hanging onto empty spray bottles once you finish off the conventional stuff you were buying previously.



6. Rag – Make your own out of old clothes, or buy a cloth to use for wiping away the cleaners you assemble out of the other ingredients.




7. (Un)essential Oils – They’re not really necessary, but they make your homemade cleaning products smell downright professional! Add a few drops to your mixtures and enjoy the nontoxic fragrance.


Sample recipe for an all-purpose cleaner – You could even drink this if you were so inclined, although we’re guessing it’d taste pretty bitter.

  • 1 cup white distilled vinegar
  • 3 cups water
  • 10 drops of (un)essential oil of your choice

Add the vinegar to a 32 oz. spray bottle, then add the water and (un)essential oil. Shake vigorously and then happily clean most things in your home while knowing you’re not harming yourself or the environment.


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