Cleaning companies are the easiest small businesses to start


It’s Small Business Week!

At Cleanify, we know firsthand how important small businesses are to the local economy and we highlight the services of established mom-and-pop cleaning companies to their communities. Small Business Week has been celebrated annually for the last 53 years as a way to recognize the importance of small business owners and entrepreneurs. More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and two out of every three new jobs created in the U.S. each year are from small businesses.

After interviewing dozens of cleaning services, we heard business owners tell us again and again that they started a cleaning company because it was the easiest small business to get into. Tom Spann of Chicago’s Companion Maids said, “The overhead is pretty low, and I can work out of my home office.”

With little necessary overhead cost, professional cleaners can build their business through word of mouth referrals and make strategic investments in cleaning supplies. We Clean Green in Chicago invests $1500 in each steam cleaner they purchase for their team, but other operations work on a smaller budget. Some cleaning services even make their own cleaning products as a way to cut costs and to know exactly what ingredients are being used.

Besides the low cost of entry, cleaning is also a necessary service for the community that isn’t subject to the whims of consumer taste. Omar Bensaid of Fair Home Cleaning Services in Boston compared cleaning services to barbershops, saying, “No one would say that we don’t need a barbershop. With cleaning, everyone needs a helping hand.”

You also don’t need to be the best cleaner in the world to get up and running. We spoke with several people who considered themselves horrible at cleaning until they spent many hours perfecting their craft in clients’ homes. Lee Latham of We Clean Green said, “Truth be told, I wasn’t a great housekeeper before, but I’m an amazing housekeeper now.” And Melissa Maker, who runs the highly successful YouTube cleaning channel, Clean My Space, told us, “A lot of people get into cleaning because they love it. I got into it for the opposite reason. I actually have a strong dislike for cleaning.”

We’ve spoken with cleaners who immigrated to the U.S. and Canada from places like Afghanistan and Mongolia with professional degrees in nursing and teaching but who took up cleaning because their credentials weren’t recognized in North America and it’s easier to start earning money on Day 1 with cleaning jobs than to go back to school to get accreditation.

So if you’re looking to break free of your boss and run your own company, your best bet is to look into creating a cleaning service. It’s inexpensive, easy to get off the ground, with limited regulations that create red tape you have to hack through. You’ll also get a feeling of accomplishment from helping people, which is worth almost as much as your earnings. But while starting a cleaning business is easy, growing your business is a bit more difficult. That’s why we built a set of easy-to-use tools to help make growing your cleaning business as easy as starting your company!

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