The 5 cleaning tools cleaning services love the most

We’ve spoken to hundreds of cleaning companies and culled their list of the essential tools for cleaning down to the top five. If you’re thinking about starting a cleaning company, or if you want to up your game at home, take a look at what professional cleaners prefer to use when they tackle client homes.

1. Microfiber cloths

microfibercloth1No self-respecting cleaning crew leaves for a job without clean microfiber cloths ready to rumble on the surfaces of their customers’ houses. Mause Cleaning Service’s secret weapon is to wash kitchen and bathroom floors by hand with microfiber cloths. Perfect Lady Cleaning takes it up a notch and uses microfiber cloths in her Swiffer mop. Machine washable, you can toss these in the laundry at the end of a hard day’s work.

2. Electric cleaning brush


When you’re cleaning with green cleaning products, you usually have to give it some extra elbow grease to work the stains out, a healthy trade-off if it means you’re not exposing yourself to toxic fumes while getting a bit of a workout. Natalia Cleans finds that using an electric cleaning brush really helps her team get the job done faster. Some top brands are the Black & Decker and the Rubbermaid power scrubbers.

3. Degreasers

totallyawesomeNot all cleaning companies are into green cleaning, so this is one tool that eco-friendly cleaners will want to skip. Saskatchewan’s Wizard Cleaning loves using a degreaser called Totally Awesome. “It takes out everything, whether you’re cleaning a really caked-on oven or spot cleaning carpet,” said Wizard’s Chris Mongowins. Unfortunately, it’s totally toxic. A green alternative would be Simple Green’s All-Purpose cleaner.

4. Steamers


Firmly back on solid green cleaning ground, there are a few steamers that cleaning companies rely on. After all, what could be greener than cleaning your home with water? “All you need to clean a three bedroom, two bathroom house is a gallon of water and a vapor steam cleaner,”  says Lee Latham of Chicago’s We Clean Green, who uses My Vapor Clean’s Pro 6 Duo steamer. Calgary Clean prefers using Karcher’s steamers to cut their cleaning time in half, efficiently cleaning things that would usually take more time and effort.

5. Window washing tools

glassscraperFor the cleaning companies that also focus on windows, there are a few tools they absolutely love. Glass scrapers are a favorite of Crystal Clean Windows, using them to scrape residue off of glass surfaces. Mike Desjardins of Simply Sparkling Cleaning raves about a water-fed pole that extends up to forty feet. “It’s a great tool for window cleaning, very cost effective.  We no longer need to rent man-lifts, and it can be operated by one man on the ground, which is very safe— no need to scramble up ladders.”

When these hard-working cleaning crews head out for the day, they want to be sure they’re prepared to handle any dirt, grime, or cleaning crisis they may face. These are the tools they make sure are in their bag before leaving for a client’s house.

What’s your favorite cleaning tool? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts

  1. Your blog is full of excellent knowledge of property and cleaning services. You are really a wonderful blogger. I really appreciate your art of providing deeply information in few lines. superb!!!


  2. I can practically clean my whole home with a vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaner, and some micro fiber clothes. I don’t need any toxic chemicals! Go green folks.


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