Vote for Cleaning For A Reason

Women of Worth

It’s time to vote! No, not for the massive trainwreck that is U.S. presidential politics, but a much less anxiety-producing race—the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Honorees! One of our favorite cleaning experts, Debbie Sardone, has been nominated as an Honoree, which automatically nets her nonprofit, Cleaning For A Reason, $10,000 in prize money from L’Oréal.

Vote for Debbie Sardone

The National Honoree winner gets an additional $25,000, which will go a long way to supporting Cleaning For A Reason in its mission to help women who are battling cancer by providing free house cleaning during their treatment. Your vote will help Debbie’s nonprofit secure the National winner spot along with $25,000 of funds that help women battling cancer.

Vote here, and bookmark the page to come back and vote every day until October 28.

Your vote will increase the chance of Cleaning For A Reason to be awarded additional money to help women who are undergoing cancer treatments.

Triple your vote on Thursday by liking the Facebook post about Debbie or re-tweeting the Twitter post about Debbie.

About Women of Worth

Each year, ten Women of Worth are selected from thousands of nominations. L’Oréal Paris supports these inspiring women by awarding grants and raising awareness for their causes.

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