This solo-preneur can handle hurricanes and hoarders with her Florida cleaning service

Connie Warren at her 8- year-old son's field day
Connie Warren at her 8- year-old son’s field day

Connie Warren, mother of five children, is a master of juggling many things at once. As we spoke on the phone, she admitted that she was in the middle of cleaning a client’s office. “Yes, I’m cleaning right now while we’re talking,” she laughed. She was cleaning the office of a blood donation center, but luckily doesn’t have to do any blood cleanup, just focusing on taking care of the garbage, cleaning the bathrooms, and making the office tidy. “But I don’t take my gloves off until I leave the building,” she said.

Connie founded Perfectly Clean thirteen years ago to service the south Florida area between Fort Pierce and Jupiter, including Port Saint Lucie, Stuart, Jensen Beach, and Hobe Sound. “I’ll travel up to thirty five miles to do a cleaning,” she said. When she was younger, Connie would help her mother clean offices, but she took a variety of other jobs before starting her own business. “I worked in a factory and I didn’t like it. I’ve also done cashiering, which was alright but not something I really want to do. I love being my own boss! I like getting out there and helping people who can’t clean their homes themselves because they work late.”

Cleaning up after hurricanes

Hurricane Matthew blew by recently, but she didn’t miss a beat even though the power went out for three days. “The transformer blew up and I was outside when it happened. It was loud,” said Connie. “But we had a generator, and we had hot water for two days. Here’s the weird thing… in Florida you still have water if the power goes out! We also had a small tree in the front yard split in half.” She was still handling cleaning gigs during this time since the other nearby areas had power restored quickly or never lost power.

Cleaning runs in the family

The passion for cleaning runs in Connie’s family. Besides the experience her mom had with cleaning, Connie’s sister and niece have their own cleaning business in the same area of Florida. When I asked if they were competing for the same clients, she laughed and said no. But they do share one client, with Connie cleaning that person’s gym and her sister handling their house.

When Connie books commercial cleaning jobs, she brings her twelve-year-old daughter, Savannah, along to help. “She likes to feather dust,” said Connie.

Otherwise, Connie is handling her book of business alone, as a solo-preneur. Her schedule varies, but this week she’s booked for six straight days and dreams of being able to hire help so she can take a couple of days off each week. “My plan is to get big enough so I can hire people to do the cleaning,” she said.

Going green

A recent convert to green cleaning products, she has seen the benefits of switching over to non-toxic cleaners. “I used to like Mr. Clean products, but lately I’ve been buying organic green cleaners because the chemicals were getting too harsh to breathe in every day. Now I’m using Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation products. A lot of my clients will supply me with whatever cleaning products I ask for, so that’s what I’m requesting now.”

Encountering hoarders

It seems like every cleaning service we speak to has a hoarders story. Connie is no exception, although she immediately turned down the job. “They were hoarders and they wanted it all cleaned up in one day. It was a three bedroom home, and you couldn’t even open the doors to the kids’ rooms or the bathroom doors. You couldn’t get anywhere in the house. I turned it down. I had no choice, it was just awful!”

As long as you’re not a hoarder, Connie is ready and willing to go above and beyond with high quality cleaning service in the south Florida area. You can book her service here.

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