From Guatemala to Los Angeles to North Carolina: another immigrant success story

The sisters: Elsa, Dina, Olga, Vilma

When I reach Olga Espinoza on the phone, it sounds like she has her hands full—the background is filled with the singing and laughing of her niece, who she’s babysitting for the day while her sister works. Olga’s Cleaning Service started in the Charlotte, North Carolina area (specifically, Matthews, NC) a few years ago after she gained experience working for her mother’s cleaning business in Los Angeles. The family is originally from Guatemala, and Olga and her sisters finished high school in Los Angeles after moving there.

Two of her sisters moved across the country to North Carolina to raise their families and Olga was soon following them, leaving their mother and brother behind in California. “We came to visit North Carolina and found that it was beautiful and a great place to raise the kids,” said Olga. The family is tight-knit, and all the sisters help each other with the cleaning business and with taking care of each other’s’ children. Olga’s kids were in school when we chatted via phone, but her sister’s young daughter was enjoying time with Aunt Olga.

In addition to her sisters, Olga employs two other women to help manage all the cleaning contracts her business has acquired. They currently clean two churches, a daycare center, and many residential homes.

Most of her business comes from word-of-mouth recommendation, including the two churches she cleans. She tells a funny story about cleaning a client’s house and seeing a man sitting in a chair looking cold and lonely, and she felt bad for him. Weeks later, the very same man cheerfully welcomed her to the church she was beginning to clean; she didn’t recognize him since she had first seen him on a bad day. He had appreciated her house-cleaning so much that he offered her a contract to clean his church as well.

While she helps several busy families keep their homes clean, Olga noticed a new trend despite the parents working all the time or taking kids to their various activities— families used to hire her services every week but now it seems to be scheduled for every few weeks or once a month, despite the booming economy in the area.

Her secret weapon is a bottle of Fabuloso with Baking Soda. “The red bottle!” Olga said, “but it comes in different colors.” She also makes sure to drop some liquid scent into the toilets once they’re cleaned, so they smell like roses for a few hours after the cleaning is done.

Olga has a busy schedule of taking care of her family and running the business, but she’s got a terrific attitude about juggling everything. Her focus is on raising her children, going to church, going to the park, and visiting with her sisters. “The cousins all love playing together,” she said.

Olga and her sisters can get your home cleaned to perfection in the Matthews, North Carolina area. Book a cleaning today!

If you’re a cleaning service professional who would like to be featured in our magazine, please let us know!

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