Atlanta’s Persnickety Cleaning Services will whip your home into shape

Anna Zanthos, owner of Persnickety Cleaning

Anna Zanthos launched Persnickety Cleaning Services in Atlanta in 2002 after realizing she could use her cleaning skills to work for herself. “I had various jobs throughout the years and hated them all, not lasting any place longer than two years. I knew I was a good cleaner—I was raised by a persnickety mother and an ex-military father, so it came naturally to me,” she said. “Sitting behind a desk is my worst nightmare. I need to move, create, make a seeable difference, which is probably why I love cleaning.”

Realizing she didn’t have much to lose, she bought some cleaning supplies, got her first job through a friend, and then grew the business. The name Persnickety Cleaning reinforces her attention to detail and her clients rave about the results. After years of waiting tables, working at a gym, and manning the front desk at a hotel, she found success in becoming an entrepreneur, and wouldn’t dream of going back to work for someone else.

Her thriving business now sends out seven cleaning crews, and she’s training her college-aged daughter to help out part-time. “I want her to learn how to run the business, too, but you have to know how to clean first,” she said.

Recruiting talented cleaners

Zanthos runs her business with heart and integrity

The rest of her crews are mostly English-speaking Brazilians that she’s extremely proud of. “Like me, they were brought up knowing how to clean. They are hard-working and persnickety, all of them are remarkable.” Anna considers herself fortunate to have tapped into this network of Brazilians and gets most of her cleaners through word of mouth. With high standards for cleaning, she makes sure all of her staff are top-notch professionals and does not tolerate complaints from clients, aiming to provide high-quality cleaning each and every time her crews visit the homes.  

She recognizes the importance of having the best cleaning staff around. One of the most important things in running a cleaning business is “finding the cleaners that you are confident can represent you in a good light,” she said.

Inspiration and giving back

Inspired by the likes of Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and William Wallace (Braveheart), Anna looks to help others reach their highest potential with integrity and honesty, all while caring about others. She loves giving back to society by providing employment for her cleaners plus giving her clients a fantastically clean home. “I run a business with heart and integrity. My job, which I love, is to make sure my cleaners and my clients are happy.”

Favorite tools

Anna is enthusiastic about microfiber cloths, especially their ability to help you clean a home without chemicals. She also recommends the Shark vacuum, after having recently been converted from using Miele’s German-made vacuums. By varying the products she uses with client preferences, she keeps everyone happy. “Some like bleach and chemicals, and others don’t. Some like scent, and others don’t. And others could care less as long as their house is clean.”

Total commitment to quality

“I provide 100% satisfaction with any job. If someone calls who is disappointed in the cleaning, I will make it right. At the end of the day, my desire is a happy client.”

One of the things that sets Persnickety Cleaning apart from other services is the total commitment to quality. “I provide 100% satisfaction with any job. If someone calls who is disappointed in the cleaning, I will make it right. At the end of the day, my desire is a happy client. I am willing to take the hit on my budget for a smile. No frowns allowed!”

Art projects

Besides running a thriving cleaning business, she’s able to devote some of her free time to creating art and fixing up her home. She is passionate about creating a home that reflects her eclectic taste and loves making something out of nothing. She paints with oils and is fearless about taking on minor construction projects around the house. I’m sure that her attention to detail will make this home a cozy and unique place to spend many years!

If you’re looking for an Atlanta cleaning company that will provide incredibly high-quality cleaning service, check out Persnickety Cleaning.

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