From cleaning hotels as a teenager to launching a successful cleaning business

Jennifer (with feather duster) and her team

Jennifer Scott decided she’d had enough of working for other people and launched LadyBug Cleaners in Kingston, Ontario seven years ago. She had been running the classifieds section of the local newspaper when she had her epiphany. “I became aware that I needed to be my own boss,” she said with a laugh.

Cleaning was a natural fit since Jennifer had experience cleaning hotels at the age of sixteen in the nearby tourist area of Thousand Islands. “It was really busy in the summer. I remember loooong days. It’s hard work cleaning hotels!”

Along with her sister, Amber, she has eight employees who help keep her clients’ home sparkling clean. Many of her staff have been with her for multiple years, and if they leave they always seem to come back to Jennifer, telling her that “it’s a great place to work.” She’s created an environment where her team is well-paid and they know she has their back. “If it’s a long day, I’ll show up and help you get through it,” she said.

Hard at work!

Jennifer finds that by paying a little above minimum wage, it helps her to recruit and retain good talent. She also never asks her team to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. “I have a great group of people,” she said.

Helping seems to be second nature to Jennifer, and she finds it rewarding to provide high quality cleaning at affordable rates to her clients. “People are so thrilled with us, they love coming home to a clean house. I like getting out there and helping people.”

“It’s nice to have long time clients—they become like family. They treat us well.”

She has several long-term clients who have been using her services for a long time. Jennifer enjoys building a rapport with them and watching their children grow up. “It’s nice to have long time clients—they become like family. They treat us well.”

Besides watching her clients’ children grow up, Jennifer has two of her own, a twelve-year-old and a five-year-old daughter. She’s also in the process of adopting another child.

Jennifer has been able to focus on growing the business and weaned herself from doing the actual cleaning. “For the first two years I worked in the field, and in the third and fourth years I cleaned part time. Now I’ve reached my goal of working in the office full time, but I hope to someday have someone run the office so I can do the work I’m passionate about—business development and interacting with customers.”

I asked if she missed cleaning and Jennifer laughed. “Actually, I miss the fun. The girls have a good time. The days I do get out and clean, I have a good day.”

If you’re looking for a high quality cleaning service at affordable rates in Kingston, check out LadyBug Cleaners.

If you’re a cleaning service professional who would like to be featured in our magazine, please let us know!

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