House cleaning quote for The Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut

Location –New Canaan, Connecticut
Built in – 1949
Square footage – 10,000 (house and galleries)
Weekly cleaning quote – $690

We sent Claudia and Angelo Zimmermann of Cleaning Studio in Manhattan to get their opinion of what a cleaning quote for this beautiful home would be. Here’s their story:

We arrived on Monday morning for The Glass House Tour, cameras in hand and very excited to get to know one of the most famous houses in the world. The 47-acre property has 13 buildings, and we got to access 4 on the tour: The Glass House, the Painting Gallery, the Sculpture Gallery and Da Monsta.

Claudia & Angelo Zimmermann, owners of
Cleaning Studio

Our guide explained Philip Johnson’s vision for the design the house, how he received his visitors and toured the property. Most of the property is landscape, and every building has a place, function, and particular architectural style that creates an exciting and impressive experience. Philip Johnson was an iconic architect and influencer (as we say these days), and The Glass House was the place were many architects and artists met and discussed about the future.

His residence, The Glass House, is 1,815 square feet located on a promontory overlooking a pond and the woods. It’s a perfect black steel structure with floor-to-ceiling glass panels that integrate completely with the surrounding landscape. Philip Johnson lived here from 1949 until his death in 2005. It’s a loft home (open layout) with kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. All furniture pieces are in their original place and there’s no decor or accessories other than the 1648 painting, The Funeral of Phocion by Nicolas Poussin, which is wonderful news for a cleaning service, making the dusting and wiping of all surfaces a quick task. Johnson and his partner, David, rarely cooked, so cleaning the kitchen won’t be a difficult task either. In contrast, the bathroom’s floor and walls are mosaic tiles that should be cleaned and scrubbed in every service to prevent mold. The floors are made of red brick laid out in a herringbone pattern, so they need to be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped (the access trail to the house is gravel…dusty shoes!). Since our client is a perfectionist and the house is surrounded by nature, the most challenging part of the cleaning will be washing the floor to ceiling windows, on the inside and outside, as well as cleaning the steel structure on both sides.

The next building that we toured was the Painting Gallery, designed in 1965. It’s a semi- underground gallery that blends with the landscape like an entrance to a Greek tomb. There are no windows and it’s composed by an entrance, kitchenette, bathroom, and main exhibition room. All floors are terrazzo, so they’ll need to be vacuumed and mopped; the entrance walls and the 42 movable panels where the paintings are hung are all carpet and they’ll need to be vacuumed very carefully. The ceiling has the movable screen tracks embedded, so we’ll need to vacuum or dust them using a ladder, at least once a month to prevent cobwebs. The kitchenette and bathroom floors are mosaic tiles and they will be cleaned bi-weekly. Since the clients host many parties, an after-party cleaning will be done after each event.

Then, following the end of the trail, we arrived at the Sculpture Gallery, designed in 1970 and inspired by the Greek islands and their villages. It’s a multi-level exhibition connected by stairs where you can see all the original art pieces of Philip Johnson’s collection. The floors are made of red brick laid out in a herringbone pattern like The Glass House, and the ceiling is made of a tubular white steel structure with glass panels. The cleaning tasks for this building will be vacuum and mop all floors, dust very carefully the sculptures and clean the glass entrance door. After analyzing the glass roof, we have decided not to include it in the service and let the client hire a specialized window cleaning service for that area.

Finally, on our way back to the entrance of the property, we visited Da Monsta. It’s a sculpture one-story building that has no 90 degrees angles or rectilinear shapes. It’s an interesting space with concrete painted floors, 1 window, 1 glass door and 1 bathroom. The cleaning tasks for Da Monsta will be to vacuum and mop all floors, dust all ceiling angles with a telescopic duster, clean all glass windows and doors inside-out, and clean the half-bathroom.

To perform a successful cleaning service for this property, Cleaning Studio would need to have adequate tools to perform each task, such as telescopic window washers, microfiber pre-wet flat mops and charge buckets, microfiber high-performance towels, high-reach dusters, ladders, and our signature Eco-Friendly Aromatherapeutic Cleaning Products.

Weekly Cleaning “Quote” for Philip Johnson (RIP)

The Glass House (Weekly)

  • Price: $200
  • Team: 2 Professional Cleaners
  • Area: 1,815 sqft
  • Time: 4.0- 4.5 work-hours

The Painting Gallery (Weekly)

  • Price: $250
  • Team: 2 Professional Cleaners
  • Area: 3,778 sqft
  • Time: 5.0- 5.5 work-hours

The Sculpture Gallery (Weekly)

  • Price: $180
  • Team: 2 Professional Cleaners
  • Area: 3,650 sqft
  • Time: 3.5- 4.0 work-hours

Da Monsta (Weekly)

  • Price: $60
  • Team: 1 Professional Cleaner
  • Area: 990 sqft
  • Time: 1.0- 1.5 work-hours

Total Cost per Week: $690


Claudia and Angelo Zimmermann of Cleaning Studio care deeply about providing high-quality cleaning services in NYC and Connecticut. If you’re in either of those areas, be sure to book them for your next cleaning service

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