6 things that could go wrong with your clean

Since I started Cleanify in my parents’ basement in Vancouver, we’ve facilitated hundreds of thousands of house cleaning appointments across the U.S. and Canada and have noticed patterns in things that can go wrong. Here are the six potential issues that could happen with your house cleaning service, and how we’re addressing them.

1. Your schedule changes

Something comes up and you need to cancel or change the date or time of your cleaning appointment. This is the most common issue we’ve seen over the years, and we’ve built the following to address it:

  • We make it easy to cancel with a few mouse-clicks or finger-taps. Cancel for free up to 48 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment; otherwise, a cancellation fee applies.
  • Need to change the date or time of your appointment? Simply cancel your existing booking then make a new appointment.

2. They show up late

The cleaning company you booked often gets delayed by traffic or has an unexpected issue crop up at the home they were cleaning before your appointment. We know your time is precious, so we have a variety of solutions to this common issue:

  • Our two-hour arrival window helps set expectations correctly around when your cleaning crew will show up.
  • We send timely text and email reminders to your cleaning service about your upcoming appointment.
  • We penalize cleaning professionals that consistently show up late by giving them fewer jobs or deactivating them from the platform.

3. They don’t show up at all!

There are several reasons why this could occur, but we’ve implemented a variety of processes to minimize the chances of it happening when you book a professional cleaning company with Cleanify.

  • We incentivize cleaning companies to only take jobs they can actually complete at the requested day and time.
  • Our fulfillment algorithms ensure that the cleaning companies we connect you to are within a certain distance to your home and have high commitment ratings.
  • If we detect the chance of a no-show, we’ll inform you immediately and put our fulfillment technology to work to find you a replacement. In most cases, we can send another cleaning provider before you even notice something went wrong.

4. You’re not there to let them in

Showing up works both ways, and sometimes the problem isn’t with the cleaning pro, but with the customer not being home or not leaving instructions for entry. Here’s how we try to minimize the odds of this happening:

  • We send you appointment reminders via text and email so you know when to be home. If the cleaning company isn’t able to get in at the agreed upon time, we charge customers a small “lock out” fee that goes straight to the cleaning professional to compensate them for their time and mileage.
  • If you need to communicate with your cleaning professional about a schedule glitch, we make it easy to chat with the cleaning provider or Cleanify support anytime through many channels— including SMS, Facebook, email, phone, web chat, and more.

5. Estimated hours not enough to clean your home

Estimating the hours needed to clean your home sight unseen can result in an underbid in less than 10% of cases. This happens if the home is much larger than expected or in desperate need of a deep clean. Here’s how we solve this:

  • We encourage you to add detailed booking notes to your appointment to precisely outline your requirements.
  • We make it extremely easy for you to estimate the number of labor hours you’ll require for your home in our booking flow. We also created some general guidelines to help set your expectations.
  • If the cleaning pro arrives at your home and determines they’ll need more time to finish, you can add hours to the job on the fly.

6. You’re disappointed by the quality of the service

When the job is done, perhaps it doesn’t live up to your expectations. This is the biggest reason to use Cleanify—to ensure that you get high quality service from local cleaning professionals.

  • We built a robust review system that allows us to only keep the top-rated cleaning professionals on our platform. When we send someone to clean your home, it’s going to be high quality service.
  • If the cleaning pro didn’t live up to your expectations, we make it easy to request a re-clean from them at no extra charge to make sure that you get the clean you deserve.
  • You can also add pros to your “do not match” list, and we’ll connect you with a different cleaning professional for your next service.

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