Have Himalayan salt lamp, need house cleaning? Call this Las Vegas company

Kelly Mizrachi, owner of Healthy Home Cleaners

Kelly Mizrachi moved as a teenager with her family to Las Vegas from Cleveland and despite multiple attempts to leave Las Vegas, is now firmly settled there. A year ago, she founded Healthy Home Cleaners after a successful ten-year career as a footwear buyer for an online retailer. She was looking for more flexibility in her work schedule to take care of her two young children, now aged 1 and 2 years old. Her senior buyer position required more travel than was desirable as a mother of young children, so she took the plunge and started a cleaning business.

“I always wanted to start my own business and I always wanted it to be a cleaning company. Someone had introduced me to the cleaning business when I was young, maybe 12 or 13 years old, so I learned early on how to clean properly and it stuck with me. Cleaning was very cathartic and simple. It provided a lot of joy, not only for the person I was doing it for, but also for me,” Kelly said.

She knew early on that the focus of the company was going to be on eco-friendly cleaning. The cleaning landscape in Las Vegas is competitive, and setting a goal of green cleaning gave her an angle that made Healthy Home Cleaners stand out amongst the competition. Plus, with young children running around her home, Kelly became aware of the benefits of non-toxic cleaners. “You become conscious of what you’re using when you have these perfect little people in your home.”

These perfect little people are Kelly’s two children

Although they are focused on green cleaning, the company will occasionally use traditional cleaning products when a customer requests them specifically. Otherwise, they stick to eco-friendly cleaners, including a general multipurpose cleaner that they make themselves, with a total of five ingredients. They use peroxide for disinfecting and power drills with drill brushes for things that need a bit more elbow grease.

Himalayan salt lamp

One side-effect of having a business focused on eco-friendly cleaning is that most of their clients share a common trait. “We’ve noticed that 80% of our customers are all into Himalayan salt lamps—basically a pink chunk of salt that sits on a light bulb—and essential oils.”

The business built up slowly but they are now extremely busy, with seven staff members and constantly hiring to keep up with demand. Kelly is proud of her staff, singling them out as one of the most talented teams in Las Vegas. “This group is amazing. I call them the ‘Dream Clean Team.’” To have top quality staff working for her, Kelly is constantly “hiring and un-hiring—I don’t like the word ‘firing,’” she said. Normally she recruits four or five people for the single person who remains among the talented core group.

Kelly considers herself lucky to have assembled such a great group of team members and emphasizes that the quality of their character is what matters most. “They’re phenomenal cleaners with great eyes for what they do, but they’re also reliable, ethical, trustworthy, good people.” While this isn’t something that you can determine in the job interview, she says that she knows within a few hours of working with them whether or not they’ll make it, based on how they react to situations and the honesty of their responses.

Some of the amazing team members

After almost a year in the field, Kelly was able to wash her hands of the daily cleaning and focus on growing the business. “It’s hard. I have to understand that not everything is going to be perfect. If I’m out in the field, I know what needs to be done, and when I’m not in the field, I need to convey that to my employees. I assign teams to jobs that work well together and complement each other’s skills.” Despite being out of the field, Kelly occasionally sneaks out to join teams and test equipment. “That way I can get my fix when I need it.”

Healthy Home Clean gives back to the local community in a unique way. “We belong to the Jewish community here, and when someone loses a family member or someone they’re close to, a woman’s group brings them meals for a week. One of the things we do is step in while they’re mourning and take care of the property for them. No one is thinking about sweeping and dusting after they lose someone they’re close to.”  

Kelly got her business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC-certified), which helps to facilitate relationships between government or corporate entities that have a diversity hiring requirement. “It helps you get your foot in the door and bid on contracts that you normally wouldn’t bid on, leveling the playing field. This is a great little piece of paper—it has paid for itself several times over.”

She loves her job and when I asked what it is she likes best about the day-to-day, she said, “Everything! Every day is new and I don’t know what to expect. We have our schedule set and are raring to go, but there is still the anticipation of the unknown.” Kelly also is thrilled to be able to spend a lot more quality time with her children than she would in her previous job. “I have the flexibility to be with them, go to the park and do silly things that 1 or 2-year olds like to do.”

As far as advice for anyone who’s just getting started with their cleaning business, Kelly had some great pointers. “Keep moving forward. Don’t get hung up on one mistake or bad experience, because it’s not going to be the last one. Move forward and continually improve your processes. Focus on getting a superior team. And just keep pushing. I’ve had moments where I felt like ‘This is where someone would quit & close up shop,’ but just push through it.”

If you need a Las Vegas cleaning service, you won’t go wrong with Healthy Home Clean for a high quality, eco-friendly cleaning appointment.

If you’re a cleaning service professional who would like to be featured in our magazine, please let us know!

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