Residential cleaning and junk hauling—the total package from JNJ Homeworks

Jennifer and Jacob, owners of JNJ Homeworks

You’d be hard pressed to find a more compassionate family in northern Nevada than the Kendricks, who launched their residential cleaning, junk and heavy debris removal company over two years ago. When Jennifer and Jacob heard about the devastating fire in Calaveras County, California, two years ago, they volunteered their help for six months. “We did everything from cleaning to babysitting to buying hundreds of bottles of water. Our son Nicolai was with us and we saw houses literally go up in flames. We decided to stay there and provide whatever they needed. We’ve been so fortunate and blessed in our life, and you have to give back,” said Jennifer.

The couple founded JNJ Homeworks as a way to provide both interior and exterior cleaning help, tapping into the expertise of both husband and wife. “We call ourselves the dirty job specialists. That’s what is unique about our business, we’re the total package.” In addition to two heavy-duty dump trucks, they purchased a used ambulance that they wrapped with JNJ colors to bring on trauma cleaning gigs.

Dump trucks for hauling

Repurposed ambulance for trauma clean-up

Junk removal and exterior cleaning was Jacob’s expertise and by launching their company they were able to incorporate Jennifer’s interior cleaning savvy and marketing skills. Their main goals in starting the business were to figure out something that they could work together on and also provide a necessary service to the community. “We love helping people. A lot of people have a physical disability that prevents them from cleaning or they’re too busy or just don’t want to do it. And I’ve been cleaning for as long as I can remember. It’s something I love doing, to be able to take something that’s a mess and completely transform it. I love seeing that transformation and seeing my clients are super happy. It’s been dirty for several months and they feel like they have a weight lifted off them.”

Their 5-year-old son comes on a lot of the jobs that the couple commutes to and helps out with small projects. “Our clients welcome him into their homes. It’s very important to teach him about hard work, and he sees us in action. We call him ‘the boss’,” laughed Jennifer. The family also has a menagerie of pets, with four indoor cats and six dogs, including German shepherds. “They’re part of the family. It’s like a zoo but they’re all very well trained.”

Another example of the Kendricks’ commitment to the community is their participation in Cleaning For A Reason. They were the first cleaning company in the state of Nevada to join and provide free cleaning services for women who are undergoing cancer treatments. The demand for their services was so great that the couple went on local television to try and recruit other cleaning services to help out. Through this program they met one of their favorite clients, Jocelyn, who was ecstatic with JNJ Homeworks providing both an interior and exterior clean for her home. “The second time we came by we tackled the backyard which was overwhelmed with knee-high weeds. She has cats, and we’re in Nevada where there’s snakes and what not, so if you can’t see through the grass, it isn’t safe for the cats. She really loved that our business was able to help with her backyard, too. Being able to help people really makes us feel great.”

After relocating to a small town with acreage for all their equipment, the couple still services all areas in northern Nevada, like Reno, Carson City, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe. “Our normal commute time is about an hour and a half one way, but we’re used to it.” That long commute time is not a drag at all, with the couple talking and joking the whole drive. “We have fun because we’re together all day long. We don’t know what the word ‘vacation’ is… but one day we’ll take time off!”

With the variety of services JNJ Homeworks provides, the couple sees a lot of interesting situations. “There are a lot of hoarding situations where people are buried alive, so to speak. It’s so overwhelming and then we come in and—boom-boom-boom—we help get them out of it.” Jennifer studied psychology in college, which comes in handy. “When helping people go through hard times, there are a lot of emotional aspects to it, and sometimes they just need someone to talk to.”

JNJ Homeworks is committed to providing high quality service that delights their clients. “I love helping people and seeing their reaction. I’m a big-time people pleaser, and so is my husband,” said Jennifer. If you’re in need of a residential cleaning in northern Nevada or any type of exterior cleaning, check out JNJ Homeworks.

If you’re a cleaning service professional who would like to be featured in our magazine, please let us know!

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