Glam Girl Cleaning looks amazing while they clean your home

Brittney Jackson, co-owner of Glam Girl Cleaning

Is it possible to look fabulous while you clean homes and run a cleaning business? Glam Girl Cleaning in Memphis thinks so. Brittney and Felicia Jackson have been doing just that for almost a year with their fashion-forward cleaning company. The sisters have a very close bond and have always shared the important things in their lives, so it made sense that they would start a family business together that they hope to pass along to the next generation one day.

The idea for Glam Girls came to Brittney when she and her sister were brainstorming in the home that they share with Brittney’s two year old son. “We were just sitting on the couch talking about things we could do for a business. I wondered why cleaning women always looked frumpy, like someone’s grandmother cleaning up. The idea came to me, why can’t you be cute and also clean?”

Felicia Jackson, co-owner of Glam Girl Cleaning

You can be a powerful fashionista and still clean houses.

Some clients have mentioned that they don’t look like they want to get their hands dirty, but the Glam Girls are enthusiastic about providing high quality cleaning and they protect their hands and nails with gloves. “You can be a powerful fashionista and still clean houses.” Their many happy customers love the dolled up look of the Glam Girls, wearing fantastic outfits, with hair and makeup done and fingernails shimmering with color.

The women are hugely motivated and seem to have completely full schedules. In addition to running Glam Girls, Felicia is a senior at the University of Memphis studying finance and business management while also working for Lansky Bros (Elvis Presley’s tailor in the 1950s and 60s). Brittney turned her full-time job in the apartment leasing industry into a part-time job while she raises her son and focuses on growing their business. “We’ve got a lot going on. My two-year old son keeps both of us busy, too.”

Brittney’s extensive experience with the real estate market has been beneficial in getting the cleaning business off the ground. She was able to reach out to her network of real estate agents to get the word out about Glam Girls and the phone has been ringing ever since.

Felicia’s job at Lanksy Bros is a motivator for her in another way. “People come from all over the world—Sweden, Brazil, Norway, Hawaii—and I see how free they are to go here and there and just travel. That’s the only thing I ever wanted to do, to travel.” Once the business is self-sufficient, she’d like to fulfill a lifelong dream to spend time in Paris studying French.

The opportunity to run their own business provides both of them a bit more freedom, and Brittney is thrilled to be able to spend more time with her son. “These are the years that are important to spend with him.”

She is a huge “people person” and loves the customer service angle of delighting customers and providing them with a necessary service. “I love making connections and building relationships with clients. We meet some very interesting people.”

I’ve always been a giver. If I could take every homeless person off the street, I would house them.

The Glam Girls are big believers in giving back to the community and they work closely with the Unity Enrichment Center of Memphis. Recently they gave away over 500 backpacks to children at an event and are planning a Thanksgiving dinner that’s open to the whole community. “I’ve always been a giver. If I could take every homeless person off the street, I would house them,” said Brittney.

Even though they’re relatively new to the entrepreneur game, they already have some solid suggestions for anyone looking to get started. Brittney points out that providing consistency is critical, along with always being honest. Felicia recommends writing down your ideas, and says that no one should be stopped from starting their own business even while they juggle full-time work and school. “Create a checklist of everything you want to do.”

Vision boards have also worked well for the two— “we live by them”—and recently Brittney went to the beach for the first time in her life thanks to writing down her intention to travel to Miami. “Whatever we put into a notebook comes to fruition. It pays to put your dreams down on paper.”

While looking fabulous and providing high quality cleaning services, the two do find time for fun activities. Earlier the day I spoke to them, they took Brittney’s son to a museum to check out the dinosaur exhibit. “He was utterly terrified of it. They’re huge and lifelike and they all make sounds.”

People in Memphis and the surrounding areas who are looking for a dash of fashion with their clean house should check out Glam Girls Cleaning. They might offer you some style tips on their way out.

If you’re a cleaning service professional who would like to be featured in our magazine, please let us know!

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