Claudia and Angelo Zimmermann are no strangers to running successful businesses, launching their cleaning company, Cleaning Studio, in New York City back in 2015 and also running a design studio. They opened another branch of Cleaning Studio in Fairfield, Connecticut, this year after moving to a more family-friendly town to raise their six-year-old daughter. Now the couple can fire up their laptops at the beach on summer mornings while their daughter takes swim lessons and plays on the sand, managing their cleaning business and design studio remotely while enjoying the clean and quiet beach. Their passion for design and cleaning intersected earlier this year when we sponsored their tour of The Glass House in New Canaan to provide a cleaning quote.

Originally from Peru, Angelo went to college in South Carolina before moving to NYC. Claudia was working as an architect at one of the top architecture offices in Lima before she joined Angelo in New York. In fact, it’s her LEED certification for green architecture that first got the couple interested in providing eco-friendly cleaning. They also believe strongly in the safety of their workers and don’t want them breathing toxic fumes from traditional cleaning products.

The couple worked out the kinks of their equipment in the early days, mentioning that their very first job involved lugging a heavy vacuum onto the subway through the snow. They went from having a heavy bag filled with tools, now pared down to only the essentials that their cleaners need—microfiber cloths, dusters, portable Swiffer stick, essential oils, green cleaning sprays and a few brushes. “It’s very portable now. Everything can be carried in a shopping bag to make it easy for them to commute from one job to another. In New York, the clients provide the vacuum. We’ve found that small vacuums are completely useless and you’re just carrying extra weight.” Their crew in Fairfield takes advantage of cars to go from job to job and carry more tools as needed.

Claudia ZimmermannPart of the fun for Claudia is researching the best equipment and tools. With all this research behind them, they’re launching an online store where you can purchase the products that they recommend. “The products are awesome. They’re the equipment and tools that our staff use.”

Cleaning apartments in Manhattan provided a peek into the intimate parts of people’s lives that they otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Like the one time Angelo was training a new hire when they arrived at the home of a man whose 2 bedroom apartment was so trashed that they almost turned around and left. “It took us five hours to declutter. He was sleeping on the floor, so I made some room for him. He had broken his leg and couldn’t even walk. When we were done, he was so thankful that we helped him out, he gave me a hug and a big tip, and said ‘You saved me.’” The couple realize how important it is to have a clean environment, especially when you’re dealing with a small space where the contents of your entire life must fit. A lot of times, the cleaning crew will give the spaces an extra 30 minutes of cleaning if needed, as a way to give back and help people get on their feet again.

Angelo ZimmermannThe Zimmermans have a close bond with their staff as well. One of the things Angelo likes best is being able to create a flexible schedule for their workers—most of whom are single mothers—so they can spend time with their own families. Claudia feels that the crew is like one big family, always asking about each other’s children and being there for each other in an emergency. Their daughter pitches in as a supervisor on big jobs and is known to grab a towel and spray and make clients smile. “Clients love her!” said Claudid. She cleans her own room and knows all the names of the Cleaning Studio staff.

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