The fight to get producers of cleaning products to disclose their ingredients got a big win this week as California passed a law requiring companies to comply. Household cleaning products will need to have a complete list of ingredients on the label of the product, along with any fragrance ingredients.

This is the first law in the nation to require ingredient disclosure, and other states will benefit from California’s leadership—companies most likely will update their product labels so that no matter what state you’re in, you’re likely to see the list of what’s in your cleaning product.

We’ve been following this story closely and are excited to see progress made on this front. With full ingredient disclosure, people will be made much more aware of the toxic components of the cleaning products they purchase, and will probably provide a needed push for people to go green with their cleaning.

“People around the country and especially Californians are demanding more disclosure about the chemicals in products we use,” said the bill’s author, state Sen. Ricardo Lara, in a written statement.